AZV-Basic Insurance
If you live in Aruba and are registered at the Registry Office and Population Register (Censo), you have right to the AZV-Basic insurance. Care that is covered by AZV is stipulated in the General Medical Insurance Order (‘Ordenansa Seguro Medico General’).
AZV-Basic insurance offers coverage for curative medical expenses and does not cover psychological care and treatment with an independent therapist.
For public psychological help and services please contact the Department of Social Affairs (‘Departamento di Asuntonan Social’), FSMA Respaldo or Sociaal Psychiatrisch Dienst.
Individuals with only an AZV-Basic insurance receive no reimbursement and have to pay for the sessions themselves.

AZV+ Insurance
AZV executes the Law of AZV that applies to everyone but also administers medical insurance to public employees. Public employees have the right to an additional insurance, the AZV+.

AZV+ is an insurance provided by the employer, in this case the Government of Aruba. Public employees including retired public employees have the right to AZV+. Additionally, employees who have the same rights as public employees (‘arbeidscontractanten en gelijkgestelden’) also have the right to AZV+.
Their spouses and children up to the age of 18 (and also children older than 18 but younger than 25 who are still attending school) are also covered by AZV+.

To apply with AZV+ insurance, the client needs to present a referral letter from their doctor (‘verwijsbrief van de huisarts’) and declaration of service (‘verklaring van dienst’) not older than a month, either at our office or by e-mail (high-quality color scan) so we can request authorization for psychological sessions at AZV.
In case the client is older than 18 but still attending school, a valid school attendance letter is also necessary with the application.

For the first authorization (‘machtiging’), AZV+ insurance gives approval for one (1) intake session and five (5) treatment sessions.
If additional treatment is necessary or advisable, a request for prolongation (‘1e verlenging’) is possible.