From a very young age Mayrène liked to offer a helping hand. She was fascinated by human behavior and liked to observe others around her. This led her to studying Psychology at the University of Leiden. During her studies she took several elective courses such as Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, Clinical Neuropsychology, Biopsychopathology and Psychopharmacology to broaden her knowledge in the field.
She completed her bachelor’s degree in Psychology in 2012 and wrote her thesis on ‘The positive association between catastrophizing and the degree of fatigue in people with prolo
nged fatigue’.

For her Master’s degree she specialized in Clinical Psychology and did research on the relationship between eating disorders, self-esteem, inner criticism and negative thoughts.
She completed her internship successfully and gained experience as a Psychologist-trainer at the University of Leiden giving trainings and workshops on interpersonal-, communication skills and personal progress.

In July 2013 she moved back to Aruba and worked shortly at a well-known psychological center where she provided psychological care and counseling to children and adults.
In 2015 she began working at Centro Di Desaroyo Humano V.O.F. as a freelance psychologist and part-time as a care functionary at the Heart-Centered Leadership Foundation, where she provided a prevention program for potential school drop-outs.

In 2017 she established Blooming Minds Aruba, a center where psychological care and treatment is offered to the community of Aruba. Each patient receives tailored care and counseling according to their demands and needs.

4 Years in Practice
Bachelor of Psychology (Leiden University, 2012)
Master of Clinical Psychology (Leiden University, 2013)

Mindfulness Training (2015)
Systeembenadering bij Huiselijk Geweld (2016)
Mediation bij Echtscheiding (2016)
Sociale Vaardigheidstraining (2016)


Leiden University – Faculty of Social Sciences