Each therapist who practices independently sets his or her own fees for the services they provide. Our fees are total amounts and apply to private individuals.

ServicesPrivateWith AZV+ Insurance
*(with approval)
Intake Session (60 minutes)AWG 165.00AWG 61.50
Individual Therapy (50 minutes)AWG 150.00AWG 55.50
Couples Therapy (80 minutes)AWG 175.00AWG 49.00
Parental Consultation (60 minutes)AWG 175.00AWG 80.50
Domicile Therapy (50 minutes)AWG 175.00AWG 80.50
Emergency Consultation (60 minutes)AWG 200.00AWG 101.00
Telephone/E-mail Consultation (15 minutes)AWG 35.00No coverage
Family Therapy (80 minutes)AWG 275.00AWG 77.00
Psychological Assessment for Children
(180 minutes)
AWG 850.00 (start rate)No coverage
Psychological Assessment for Adults
(180 minutes)
AWG 950.00 (start rate)No coverage
Trainings/Workshops*Please request for QuotationNo coverage