We work with private and AZV-Plus insurance (government officials and their families).

To apply with private insurances, the client needs to contact the Human Resources department of the respective company to request psychological assistance.

To apply with AZV-Plus, the client needs to present a referral letter from their doctor (‘verwijsbrief’) and declaration from their employment company (‘werkgeversverklaring’) at our center so we can request authorization for psychological sessions at AZV.

Intake Session (1.5 hours)AWG 165.00
Individual Counseling (1 hour)AWG 150.00
Couples, Parental Counseling (1.5 hours)AWG 175.00
Domicile Counseling (1 hour)AWG 175.00
Emergency Counseling (1 hour)AWG 175.00
Family Counseling (1.5 hours)AWG 275.00
Psychological Assessment for Children
(3 hours approx.)
AWG 850.00 (start rate)
Psychological Assessment for Adults
(3 hours approx.)
AWG 950.00 (start rate)
Trainings/Workshops*Request for Quotation